Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lessons from Sadie. Or, My thoughts on 'Other Peoples Children'

Sadie and I stood in the coffee line at the grocery store today. As I tried to convince her she (nor I) didn't need a Double Glazed Doughnut, I heard the joyful screech of a toddler. But I didn't recognize it. Definitely not Sadie's brand. I looked around in time to she an adorable ginger-haired little girl closing in on me, and fast. My gut reaction was to catch her and pick her up.

So I did.

As I held her, I looked around for a Momma, and she was behind us in line. We chatted about how loving and (obviously) overly-friendly her children were. The little girl pointed at Sadie's fish crackers. Momma said it was okay so I fed her a few. Sadie was so excited to see this little person. 'Bebe! Bebe!' she exclaimed. I transferred Bebe back to her Momma. Coffees were distributed and we exchanged pleasantries and went on our ways.

Did all of that register?

I picked up and held a stranger's child.

It wasn't until about half way home I realized that might freak some people out. Including Bebe's parent. Three years ago, in the Before Sadie Era, I might have pushed her away or even tried to ignore her. But it's funny how a little one of your own can soften your heart. Restore your trust in humanity even. Okay, that may sound a little dramatic. But shouldn't we be able to trust our communities? Our neighbors? I think so. And it's because of Sadie I feel the trust in humanity again. So thanks, Sadie. And thank you, Bebe's Momma , for not freaking out on me.

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