Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why do we fall?

I haven't felt this worm out at 11am since Sadie was newborn.

The combination of late night out, coming home to an AWAKE daughter, and then having said daughter up at 630 with no milk in the house seems like a complete home planning failure. My head was splitting (and still is for some reason) so thankfully Joe got Sadie out of her crib and set up on the couch when she woke up TWO HOURS ahead of schedule. While he was getting ready for work I made my way to the couch to lay with Sadie, who had decided sitting outside the bathroom door and whimpering was fun. She wanted nothing to do with anything we offered her until I remembered I had a sample of toddler formula in the cabinet. Even then she only drank half. I gave up. We were both tired and cranky. And that's okay. I looked at Sadie and said,"Kid, we can be miserable until 9:30, then we have to get over it and get ready for the store." And we did, mostly. I will admit to wearing my pajama shirt and jeans and sandals to the grocery store. But I did brush my teeth. And thank goodness I decided to throw together a quick batch of banana muffins yesterday, because that was breakfast. We made it through the store and home again. She kept it together long enough for me to put away the food. I got her settled down and it barely took a minute to knock out. And I'll admit that for a second I shut my eyes as well.

It's mornings like this that are possible to get through for several reasons, but I'll highlight one. I have an amazing partner in Joe. I don't think Sadie could have a better father. He is always there to get to the things I can't and to encourage me through the things I need help with. Without his help with Sadie this and many other mornings it may not have had the thus far positive outcome today. He truly is my better half. It may be two days late, but Happy Father's Day to Joe.

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  1. We're out of milk too! But I have a bigger baby to deal with :) And I am being pretty whiney myself since I can't bake!