Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breastfeeding 101

I read this during naptime today:

What Can We Do To Help American Women Nurse Their Babies?

After reading this amazing and interesting article I left the following comment:

I have so many emotions running though me after reading this article and all the testimonials.

1. Sadness-With little support I abandoned breastfeeding my daughter at 4 weeks. I was pumping and feeding through bottles, and when I went back to work there was no space or time provided to pump, so when the freezer stock ran dry we switched to formula. Almost instantly my daughter began having hard stools, difficulty passing, days between BM, etc. Several calls to pediatrician and nurses resulted in being told that it was ‘normal’ to go up to TEN DAYS without passing a stool. On what planet?! I felt like a failure and a bad mother.

2. Jealousy-Oh, that I had been more determined! I have several friends that had no problems breastfeeding, and some that never tried. I have a girlfriend that just decided to stop BFing one day because she thought it was time. She decided she was done and switched to formula. At 6months! In my head I ran her up and down a list of ‘if I could go back’ scenarios but luckily kept my mouth shut. She’s my best friend and nothing is worth an argument. Her son is healthy and happy.

3.Knowledge-I love my daughter. She was an unexpected gift from God whom I was woefully unprepared for. She was my first ‘pancake’. Looking ahead, I now know what amazing resources there are available, and what rights I have. Eventual Baby #2 will be exclusively breastfeed for as long as they like. And besides all that, I now also know that breast feeding is that best way to lose baby weight anyway!

I would really like to get discussion going.What are your thoughts? What do you believe to breastfeeding?

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