Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"The Will of God will never take you to a place that the Grace of God will not protect you".

Sadie woke with a start today at 4:45am. Well, she woke us both with a start today. We live with my in-laws temporarily, so we're in the basement and she's om the second floor. By the time I got up those stairs I was winded and she was hysterical. A little love and a bottle later she was ready to start her day, and I was definitely not. It's 5:30am, we should both still be dreaming! Then I remembered what I had read from another mommy on a different blog (forgive me for forgetting who and where), she said to treasure these moments. When Sadie's 16, emotional, and rebellious, I will long for the days of 5:30am tea parties with Monster, Puppy, and Elmo.

Small potatoes in the grand scheme of life, but these are the things our children can teach us I guess. She inspired me to relax and enjoy. Take a nap when you can, and be thankful for God's Grace to carry you when you can't.